Tracking. Simplified.

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One Pixel. All Platforms. Cleaner Code.

  • Power all your apps with the same data -  Feeding consistent data across your marketing stack significantly improves Ad Performance and ROI


  • Remove vendor lock-in - ditch the costly integration processes and evaluate the best new tools incredibly easily.  

  • Active any tool instantly - Integrate new tools in minutes, not days or weeks.  No deployments necessary.



Choose from 100+ Integrations in our destination library

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Powerup No-Code Integrations with a Single Tag

Support multiple Facebook Pixels

No code integration setup 

One-click Conversion API support

Streamline your event tracking


+ Instantly Fix IOS related tracking issues

Financial Chart

Attribute up to 70% more conversions

Fixing weak attribution enables hyper scale for your ad campaigns 

One click setup new platforms

Never ask again:
"Is my pixel working?"
"Is the code setup correctly?"

Improved FB Match Quality

Advanced user matching ensures highest quality score for improved ROAS

A better way to track user behavior.

Laser guided user tracking combines 12 data points to correctly identify website visitors before you do

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I don't see a destination in your library

We're adding new destinations all the time.  Put in a request with our staff and we can have it added for you.

Is there a free trial of the paid plans?

Yes - try any plan with a free 30 day trial.

How do I setup multiple facebook pixels?

AdTrackify destination manager makes it easy to set up multiple facebook pixels for your website.  To set up multiple pixels, click Add destination from the destination menu, select Facebook Pixel from the Destination Catalog and enter your Facebook Pixel ID.

How do I setup Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) on my website?

To setup Facebook Conversion API using AdTrackify, follow these steps.

  1. Select or Create a new Facebook Destination on your account.

  2. Under Destination settings, select enable Facebook Conversions API.

  3. Enter your Facebook Conversion API key from Facebook Business Manager.

  4. Click Save

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